When you’re looking for the best pizza in Medellin, you have plenty of options to choose from as the city offers a wide variety of quality pizza restaurants. The majority of these pizzerias have a wood-fired oven and serve pizzas that are basically as authentic as you can get as if you’re in Italy yourself. In this article, we dive deeper into some of the best pizza restaurants in Medellin that most definitely satisfy your cravings. We did our best to come up with a good variety of pizza restaurants, including New York Style pizzas, Napolitana pizzas and Romano pizzas. With that being said, let’s jump to what we believe are the best pizzas in Medellin.

The best pizzas in Medellin are:


1. Pizzaiolo

The best Neapolitan pizza in town and arguably the best pizza in Medellin can be found at Pizzaiolo, a small pizzeria in Provenza. This hugely popular place does basically one thing and they are really good at it, making authentic, artisanal Neapolitan pizzas. The restaurant has limited opening hours, from four in the afternoon until ten in the evening, but from the moment they are open, delivery guys and a handful of hungry customers already stop by to pick up their pizza(s). It’s no surprise that during the weekends, there are at least six people at work in the kitchen. All of this is a promising sign.

The menu of Pizzaiolo is limited but offers enough to satisfy any pizza lover. When it comes to Neapolitan pizza, we love simplicity and a Pizza Margherita is always our favourite choice. For 27,000 you get a brick-oven, Neapolitan pizza that tastes like the ones from Napoli. Simply flawless! In total, there are twelve different pizzas to choose from, as their newest creation is not listed on their menu yet. The Pepperoni Jam (40,000 COP) is the newest pizza available and it’s a pizza topped with bits of pepperoni, parmesan cheese, Burrata cheese and a sweet dressing. The Burrata cheese is amazing with the pizza, but the dressing is pretty sweet. Cheese with a sweet dressing goes perfectly together, but personally, I love my pizzas completely savoury. Don’t get me wrong, the pizza was seriously tasty and there are plenty of pizza-lovers who will love this pizza. What I try to say is that there is a flavour for everyone available here and the basics of making an authentic Neapolitan pizza is perfected at Pizzaiolo. In other words, for the best pizza in Medellin, check out this place! For more information, such as the location, the complete menu and other recommended dishes, then check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Pizzaiolo
best Neapolitan pizza medellin
Pizza Margharita (27,000 COP)
Pizza Medellin - Pizzaiolo
Authentic, artisanal Neapolitan pizza in Medellin!
Best Pizza Medellin - Pizzaiolo
Pepperoni Jam (40,000 COP)
Best Pizza Medellin - Pizzaiolo
Pizzas at Pizzaiolo.



2. Pizzeria Olivia

This tremendously popular Italian restaurant has nowadays eight branches in the city, namely in Belén, El Poblado and Envigado. Although the restaurant name says it’s a pizzeria, Olivia offers a wide variety of typical Italian foods that are exciting, beautifully presented and well flavoured. Although this article is about the best pizzas in Medellin, visitors can also eat their hearts out with classic dishes such as their excellent Lasagna Mix With Pesto Bread (25,900 COP) or their Espinaca y Ricotta (17,900 COP). But let’s focus on their pizzas. 

Guests can choose between three different types of pizza bottoms, namely Napolitana, Romana and Keto. That’s right, Pizzeria Olivia serves keto pizza in Medellin, for those who are on a diet. During our visit, we tried both the Napolitana and the Romana pizza bottoms, and we came to the conclusion that the Napolitana pizza bottom was our favourite. Let’s discuss toppings, which is - like the pizza bottom - another typical personal thing. The pizza that blew us away, and we suggests you try this one as well, is their Pizza Burrata & Tomato (39,900 COP). Although this is not a cheap pizza, the large ball of mozzarella that’s put on top of the pizza brings this delicious, wood-fired-oven pizza to the next level. We also tried the Pizza Bianca with Romana bottom (22,900 COP), which was a really tasty pizza as well. Especially for the cheese-lovers among us, it's a good option. Olivia is also listed in our article about the best restaurants in Medellin, similar to the previously recommended restaurant. For more information, such as the opening times, the location, the complete menu and other recommended dishes, then check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Pizzeria Olivia
Pizza in Medellin - Olivia
The pizzas at Pizzeria Olivia in Medellin.
Best Pizza in Medellin - Olivia
Pizza Burrata & Tomato with Napolitana bottom (39,900 COP)
Pizza Restaurant in Medellin - Olivia
Pizza Bianca with Romana bottom (22,900 COP)
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3. Cafe Zorba

Without a doubt, Cafe Zorba can measure itself with the best pizza restaurants in Medellin. From the moment it opens its doors, the restaurant gets crowded but luckily, the restaurant is large enough to host plenty of hungry customers. The menu of Cafe Zorba is limited and when it comes to pizza, you can choose between either so-called Pizza Roja or Pizza Blanca and within each type, there are just a handful of different toppings. Pizza Roja has a base made with tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt while the Pizza Blanca does not have a tomato sauce. There are two best-sellers that suit the majority of pizza lovers, namely the Pizza Roja Albahaca (32,000 COP) and the Pizza Blanca Chimichurri (32,000 COP) and we highly recommend you to order either one of them.

What makes the pizzas at Cafe Zorba so delicious is the thin, crispy crust. Also, the toppings are not complicated at all and the ingredients are of good quality. Aside from the food, the restaurant has an inviting atmosphere with proper inside and outside seating options. Although this is an article about the best pizzas in Medellin, we do recommend another dish at Cafe Zorba, namely the Papas Bravas (17,500 COP). These slightly spicy, tasty roasted potatoes are basically a must-order starter and ideal to share when visiting this place with a group. A quick look around this restaurant and you’ll notice that most tables have ordered this delicious bite. For more information about this pizza restaurant in Medellin, such as the opening times, menu, location and recommended dishes, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Cafe Zorba
Best Pizza Medellin - Cafe Zorba
Pizza Roja Albahaca (32,000 COP)
Pizza in Medellin - Cafe Zorba
Pizza Blanca Chimichurri (32,000 COP)
Pizza Restaurant Medellin - Cafe Zorba
Papas Bravas (17,500 COP)
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4. Ammazza

With three different branches in Medellin, namely Laureles, Provenza and Envigado, you can fairly say that Ammazza is a successful business. Although the menu is limited, especially compared to other Italian restaurants such as Olivia, what's being served tastes amazing. The main attractions are the pizzas and risottos, but guests can choose from a few pasta and starters as well. For the purpose of this article, we solely focus on the pizzas.

Ammazza can measure itself with the best pizza restaurants in Medellin and tops many lists on the internet. The pizzas are made in a proper stone pizza oven, a requirement to be on this list of best pizzas in Medellin. What makes the pizzas at Ammazza so special is the crust. For those who are looking for a pizza with a thin, crispy crust, Ammazza is the place to go. Guests can choose between twenty-one different pizzas, ranging from classic Margaritas to Pizza Pulled Pok, all of which costs around 30,000 - 40,000 COP. During our visit, we opted for the Pizza Jamón y Pimientos Asados (36,500 COP), which was absolutely delicious. Personally, I prefer a different type of crust, but preferences are subjective. A quick look at Google Maps' reviews and you see immediately that Ammazza serves some of the best pizza in Medellin. More information about Ammazza can be found on one of the following links:

TopTravelFoods review page of Ammazza - Laureles branch

TopTravelFoods review page of Ammazza - Provenza branch

TopTravelFoods review page of Ammazza - Envigado branch
Pizza Restaurant Medellin - Ammazza
 Pizza Jamón y Pimientos Asados (36,500 COP),
Pizza Medellin - Ammazza
The crispiest crust on a pizza in Medellin!
Ammazza Pizzeria
There is more tasty food to discover at this popular eatery!


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