Looking for the best noodles in Chiang Mai? Look no further. Noodles are a great meal for lunch as it’s cheap, delicious and served within minutes. Throughout Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand, you will notice that during lunchtime, people are eating noodles. Some of the restaurant listed in this article, are often packed and customers will have to wait in line. Luckily, noodles are served and eating quick and waiting lines will shrink fast. If you don’t want to wait or want to enjoy your noodles more quietly, I recommend you to avoid the places listed in this article during lunchtime.

The best noodles in Chiang Mai are:


1. Noodles with Mix Beef (80 THB) at Rote Yiam Beef Noodles

Rote Yiam Beef Noodles is a local restaurant that serves some of of the best noodles in Chiang Mai. In a large pan, the soup is being prepared and the smell of this aromatic awesomeness makes you instantly hungry. It is here where during lunchtime, locals are getting in line to get the Noodles with Mix Beef (80 THB). Rote Yiam Beef Noodles claims to be the only noodle shop in Chiang Mai that serves top-quality beef. But they didn’t tell you that they use almost every part of the beef. If you don’t like intestines, Rote Yiam Beef Noodles is not the place for you. But if you don’t mind to eat a little bit of liver and cow stomach, and you are in an adventurous mode, you should definitely try their famous noodle soup!

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Beef

Noodles with Mix Beef (80 THB)


2. Goy Teaw Moo (40 THB) at Khao Soy Maesai

Khao Soy Maesai is known for its Khao Soi and we’ve listed Khao Soy Maesai in our best Khao Soi in Chiang Mai article. The Khao Soi is the main attraction, however, Khao Soy Maesai also serves a few other noodles dishes, including this amazing Goy Teaw Moo (40 THB). This is a thin noodle soup with minced pork, pork balls and sliced red pork. The broth is strong, making it an excellent noodle soup. It’s possible to order a dry-version of this noodles dish. Also, there is a beef version available as well.

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Maesai

Goy Teaw Moo (40 THB)


3. Blood Soup with Beef (55 THB) at Ongtong Noodle

Blood Soup sounds scarier than it is. If you have tried boat noodles before, you’ve already tasted blood soup, because it’s exactly the same. It’s only a flavour enhancer for boat noodles and the Blood Soup with Beef (55 THB) at Ongtong Noodle tastes amazing. The soup itself is much thicker than what I am used to with boat noodles in Bangkok or boat noodles in Ayutthaya. Flavour-wise, almost identical. The soup is served with chunks of beef, however, there is also a pork version available.

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Boat Noodles

Blood Soup with Beef (55 THB)




4. Creamy Tom Yum Kung with Noodle (120 THB) at Pakorn’s Kitchen

At Pakorn’s kitchen, you can taste some of the creamiest curries in town, which we therefore listed in our best curries in Chiang Mai article. Among these curries and soups, is the Creamy Tom Yum Kung with Noodle 120 THB). This heavily spiced noodle dish is packed with flavours, chillies and small prawns. Pakorn’s Kitchen is just small local restaurant, but with impressive dishes. I strongly recommend visiting this local eatery.

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Tom Yum

Creamy Tom Yum Kung with Noodle (120 THB)


5. Crazy Noodle Signature Noodle (165 THB) at Crazy Noodle

A restaurant specialized in noodles like Crazy Noodle can’t be missing in this list. Crazy Noodle is a medium-sized, clean restaurant that lets its customers create their own noodle dishes. This can be an overwhelming task as the choices are endless. To make life easier, stick to their signature Crazy Noodle topping. This large bowl of noodles contains squid, mussels, prawns, wontons, crab and boiled egg together with your own choice of noodles and soup. In the picture, I went for White Rice Noodles and Spicy Tom Yum Soup. Delicious!

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Crazy Noodle

Crazy Noodle Signature Noodle (165 THB)


6. Noodle Soup with Pork (30 THB) at Khao Soi Khun-Yai

Khao Soi Khun-Yai is, together with Khao Soy Maesai, the most popular place in Chiang Mai to get Khao Soi. But similar to Khao Soy Maesai, it does serve a few other dishes. One of these dishes is the popular Noodle Soup with Pork (30 THB). It’s a clear noodle soup with thin noodles served with minced pork, pork balls, sliced pork and plenty of dried chilli flakes. Out of all the restaurants listed in this article, Khao Soi Khun-Yai is the busiest. This is because Khao Soi Khun-Yai has odd opening times: it’s only open from 10:00 until 14:00 (closed on Sunday) and if you are visiting the place right before closing, they already might have run out of stock. More information can be found in our in-depth article about Khao Soi Khun-Yai.

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Pork

Noodle Soup with Pork (30 THB)


7. Goy Teaw Nam Ngiao (30 THB) at Khao Soy Maesai

Ready for a spicy noodle meal? Head towards Khao Soy Maesai and order their Goy Teaw Nam Ngiao (30 THB). This wide noodle is more of a curry, is heavily spiced with chillies and local herbs and is served with blood curd. If you don’t like blood curd, then you can also go for their Khao Soi (45 THB), which can be seen as the best khao soi in town. 

Best Noodles in Chiang Mai Spicy

Goy Teaw Nam Ngiao (30 THB)

There you have it, our list of the best noodles in Chiang Mai. All these restaurants are listed in our food recommendations app called TopTravelFoods. This app is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android. Instead of only recommend good restaurants, TopTravelFoods recommends the best food these amazing restaurants have to offer. So when you are on your trip to Chiang Mai, you never have figure out what is good or not. Just simply see the rated and reviewed dishes, recommended by fellow-food-lovers. Would you like to know what people think of all these restaurants? Download the app now. Here you can also find all the restaurant information you need, such as opening times, location, menu, atmosphere pictures and prices. 


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