Looking for the best Mondongo in Medellin? With legendary restaurant Mondongo’s, Medellin already has the place to go when you’re craving this typically paisa soup. But in this article, we try to give you more - and different - tasty options to try out. Besides, when you are in Medellin, you must try this typical, exotic soup. 

The best Mondongo is Medellin are:


1. Aijacos & Mondongos

When a restaurant, whose name even has the word Mondongo in it, has its inside walls completely full with handwritten thank you notes from famous Colombian people, you know you are going to taste something extraordinary. Aijicos & Mondongos is one of the most famous local restaurants in Medellin and as the name already suggests, it’s specialized in Mondongo soup. Nowadays, this legendary restaurant has two branches in the city, one in El Poblado, the other one in Envigado. The restaurant is so popular among Colombians that people literally travel to Medellin just to try one of their three soups.

Obviously, we recommend you try their Mondongo, which is well-spiced. Like all the soups here, a plate of Mondongo comes in two sizes. You pay 22,500 COP for a small plate and 26,700 COP for a large plate. The Mondongo comes with a plate of condiments/herbs to extend the flavours. Especially the cilantro is a welcome addition to the soup. We recommend you try the smaller sized soup as you can also order their other specialities with it as well, namely the Cazuela De Frijoles and the Aijaco. Aijacos & Mondongos is also listed in our article about the best Colombian restaurants in Medellin. For more general information, such as the opening times, location, TopTravelFoods’ users' opinions and other recommended dishes, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Ajiacos & Mondongos
Best Mondongo in Medellin - Aijacos
The famous Mondongo soup at Aijacos & Mondongos.
Mondongo in Medellin - Aijacos
The three famous soups at Aijacos & Mondongos in Medellin.

2. La Gloria De Gloria

While this hugely popular restaurant is known for its chicharron, one of the other highlights of the menu is Mondongo. This restaurant is located in Envigado and due to its popularity, there is basically always a queue that takes up to one hour before getting a table. Yes, it is that popular. Aside from the well-flavoured dishes they serve, it’s the size of the platters that makes it so loved by Colombians. Most visitors come here with their family and ordering just two or three dishes is more than enough to make sure nobody leaves this restaurant hungry. That goes for the Mondongo as well and we highly recommend you order the smaller sized portion, which costs you 24,000 COP. Compared to other Mondongos, this soup has a much stronger beef stripe taste. La Gloria De Gloria is also listed in our article about the best Chicharron in Medellin and we highly recommend you to order their signature Almuerzo Completo (48,000 COP). Just make sure you are really hungry. For more general information, such as the opening times, location, TopTravelFoods’ users' opinions and other recommended dishes, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of La Gloria De Gloria

Tip: Most local people visit this place during the weekend with their family (four persons and up). If you visit this place as a couple, you have a good chance to skip the line when there is a table for two available. 
Mondongo in Medellin - Gloria De Gloria
Richly filled Mondongo.
Best Mondongo in Medellin - Gloria De Gloria
Portions here are huge. This is the smaller version.
Bandeja Paisa In Medellin - Gloria De Gloria
Another recommended dish: Almuerzo Completo (48,000 COP)

This article will be updated in the upcoming weeks and many more of the best Mondongo in Medellin will be added soon. In the meantime, check out our free food recommendation app that helps you find the best restaurants in Medellin as well as in Bogota. The app is completely free and helps you decide what to eat by recommending the best dishes and other specialities of (local) restaurants. Especially when you have no (or not enough) knowledge of the local cuisine, the app is a handy tool. 

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