Although known for its khao soi, there are many other and as tasty curries in Chiang Mai. In this article, we will list the best curry in Chiang Mai and where to find it. Each type of curry shall only be listed once, making sure you will get the best version of each curry in Chiang Mai.

Best Curries In Chiang Mai

Here are the best curries in Chiang Mai:


1. Massaman Curry (150 THB) at Pakorn’s Kitchen

Pakorn’s Kitchen is a small restaurant located at Sridonchai Road and is known for its creamy curries and soups. Here, you can order the creamiest Khao Soi and Tom Yum Goong in town, which both tastes very nice. But the absolute tastiest curry they serve is the Chicken Massaman Curry (150 THB). The curry is incredibly herby and aromatic, as it’s served with several star anise and other herbs. This comes with a price tag, as the curry is for Chiang Mai standards a bit expensive. But then again, you will enjoy the tastiest massaman curry in Chiang Mai!

Massaman Curry Chiang Mai

Chicken Massaman Curry (150 THB)


2. Red Curry (80 THB) at Huen Muan Jai

For the best Northern Thai food experience, I would recommend visiting Huen Muan Jai. This is a restaurant that serves authentic Northern Thai food. The dishes they serve are small yet cheap, so it’s a great way to explore the Northern Thai cuisine. An absolute must-order when it comes to curries in Chiang Mai is their Gang Aom Moo (80 THB). This is a red-curry based curry packed with local herbs and is served with chunks of tender pork. The curry is much more watery than what you are used to classic red curries, but nonetheless incredibly tasty. For more details about this unique place and the food they serve, check out our in-depth article about Huen Muan Jai.

Red Curry Chiang Mai

Gaeng Aom Moo (80 THB)


3. Hang Lay Curry (70 THB) at Tong Tem Toh

Located on Nimmana Haeminda Soi 13, Tong Tem Toh is a hugely popular restaurant that, like Huen Muan Jai, serves authentic Northern Thai foods. Among these delicious foods, is the Burmese Style Pork Curry (73 THB). It’s a creamy and a bit oily curry with a bit of a peanut flavour and is served with super tender chunks of pork. The curry is not spicy at all, making it an excellent choice for foreigners. Although it’s named Burmese-Style Pork, it’s, in fact, the famous Northern Thai ‘Hang Lay’, which has its origins in Burma. For more details, check out our in-depth article about Tong Tem Toh in Chiang Mai.

Hang Lay Curry Chiang Mai

Burmese Style Pork Curry (70 THB)




4. Kanom Jean Curry (40 THB) at Khao Soi Maesai

If you are up to something spicy, head towards Khao Soi Maesai. This small restaurant serves perhaps the best khao soi in town, however, their Kanom Jaen Nam Ngiao (40 THB) is also incredibly tasty. It’s a super spicy vermicelli noodle curry topped with local herbs and blood curd. This is a typical Northern style curry. The blood curd, packed with umami and widely popular among Thai, can be a bit too adventurous for foreigners. As these blood curt cubes are pretty large, it’s easy to pick them out of your curry.

Kanom Jean Curry Chiang Mai

Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao (40 THB)


5. Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab (450 THB) at Paak Dang Riverside

Listed in our best seafood in Chiang Mai article, the Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab (450 THB) at Paak Dang Riverside is one of the tastier dishes in Chiang Mai. The curry, which is sweet and non-spicy, is served with soft shell crab. This means that you eat both the crab meat as the shell of the crab. The shell is crunchy and so delicious and it gives a whole other dimension to the dish compared to a ‘normal’ crab with yellow curry! Paak Dang Riverside is a beautiful local restaurant located next to the Ping River and can be seen as one of the best seafood restaurants in town.

Phad Pong Curry Chiang Mai

Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab (450 THB)


6. Lime-Coconut Cream Curry (280 THB) at THE HOUSE by Ginger

THE HOUSE by Ginger is an amazing restaurant with a unique atmosphere that serves incredibly looking and tasting dishes. Most of these dishes are Northern Thai and all of the ingredients they use are high-quality. If you are looking for an amazing curry, try their Slow-Braised Beef in Lime-Coconut Cream. The beef itself is super tender and the curry is made of lime-coconut cream reduction with lemongrass, mint and coriander. I can guarantee, you won’t find anything similar in Chiang Mai!

Lime-Coconut Cream Curry Chiang Mai

Slow-Braised Beef in Lime-Coconut Cream (280 THB)


7. Khao Soi Curry (45 THB) at Khao Soi Maesai

There will always be a discussion where you can find the best khao soi in Chiang Mai. We actually made an article about the best khao soi in Chiang Mai. Fact is that Khao Soy Maesai can be seen as one of the top khao soi restaurants in Chiang Mai. During the limited opening times (08:00 - 16:00), the restaurant is packed with both locals as tourists, who want to enjoy a delicious version of this Northern Thai speciality. A must-visit if you are in Chiang Mai!

Khao Soi Curry Chiang Mai

Khao Soi Chicken Leg (45 THB)

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