In this article, we cover what we believe is the best Colombian food in Medellin. Instead of recommending Colombian restaurants, we recommend the best Colombian food these restaurants have to offer. In other words, what Colombian food you should not miss in Medellin. If you’re looking specifically for restaurants, check out our article about the best Colombian restaurants in Medellin instead. Also, we recommend all sorts of Colombian foods and not typical food from Medellin. If you’re looking for typical Paisa food, check out our article about what to eat in Medellin. With that being said, let’s jump to our results. 


The best Colombian food in Medellin:


1. Picada de Morcilla (20,000 COP) - Mamasita Medallo

One of the most exciting Colombian food in Medellin I’ve tried is the Picada de Morcilla. Morcilla is a spiced blood sausage. Although this might sound scary to eat, flavour-wise it’s one of the most savoury things you can find in the Colombian gastronomy and it’s crazy delicious. What’s so good about the Morcilla at Mamasita Medallo is that the sausage is first sliced in pieces and then fried on both sides, which gives the bits of sausage more texture and flavour. You can find this way of preparing Morcilla at other places as well, but Mamasita Medallo takes the dish to the next level with a beautiful presentation, tasty roasted potatoes and heavenly guacamole under both the potatoes and the sausage. Aside from tasty food, Mamasita Medallo is a trendy place where you can enjoy food and drinks with friends and spend most of the evening. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Mamasita Medallo

Other recommended dishes: Tazon Paisa (29,000 COP), Tazon Baby Beef (29,000 COP)
Colombian Food Medellin - Morcilla
Picada de Morcilla (20,000 COP)


2. Mondongo (26,500 COP) - Mondongo’s

One of the most popular Colombian restaurants in Medellin is Mondongo’s, one of the experts in serving this typical soup from Medellin and its region. This place is so popular that both international as Colombian celebrities visit this place on a regular basis. Mondongo is a flavorful soup with plenty of spices (not spicy) and beef tripe. Because of the use of beef tripe, this soup might be too adventurous for the Western taste palate, but it’s typical Colombian food from Medellin one must try. There are two branches of this famous restaurant in Medellin to be found, one in Laureles, the other one in Poblado. Both of them are always jam-packed with hungry customers, but the staff is so well-organized, you usually have a table within ten minutes. In case the beef tripe is not your thing, try their Ajiaco, which is another typical Colombian soup that we describe in the next paragraph. Mondongo's is obviously listed in our article about the best Mondongo in Medellin where you can find more amazing restaurants that serve this tasty soup. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Mondongo's.

Other recommended dishes: Ajiacos (29,500 COP), Bandeja Paisa (39,500 COP).
Colombian Food Medellin - Mondongo
Mondongo (26,500 COP)
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3. Ajiaco (22,500 COP) - Ajiacos y Mondongos

Ajiaco is a typical Colombian soup from Bogota and its surrounding areas, but it can easily be found elsewhere in the country. The soup is made with chicken and potatoes and therefore it’s a complete meal itself. You can add cream, capers and cilantro to your taste, which makes it even more complete. One of our favourite places to eat Ajiaco is this tremendous popular local restaurant called Ajiacos y Mondongos. It’s located close to Parque de El Poblado, an area where you can find all sorts of great Colombian restaurants in all price classes. As the name of the restaurant already suggests, it’s also specialized in Mondongo, the soup we discussed in the previous paragraph. It’s possible to order smaller versions of the soups, meaning that you can it’s quite easy to try both soups at the same time. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Ajiacos y Mondongos.

Other recommended dishes are: Mondongo (22,500 COP), Cazuela de Frijoles (22,500 COP).
Colombian Food Medellin - Ajiaco
Ajiaco (22,500 COP)



4. Arepa Ranchera (14,500 COP) - Mi Arepa

The arepa is perhaps the most popular and most important dish in the Colombian cuisine. Often served as a side dish, but it can be eaten as a stand-alone meal as well. Popular versions such as the Arepa Con Quest and Arepa Chócolo can be found everywhere in the country, but every now and then, we enjoy having an arepa that is stuffed with all sorts of Colombian deliciousnesses. One of our favorite arepas in Medellin is the Arepa Ranchera at Mi Arepa. When you’re a meat-lover, you must try this enormous arepa. Think of Chicharron (deep-fried pork belly), shredded meat, Chorizo, Salchicha (sausage) and beans, served with a creamy house sauce. There are many other arepas to discover with these kinds of toppings. We recommend you read our article about the best Arepas in Medellin, to find more great places. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Mi Arepa.

Other recommended dishes are: Arepa de la Casa (16,500 COP), Patacone Mixto (15,500 COP).
Colombian Food Medellin - Arepa
Arepa Ranchera (14,500 COP)
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5. Cazuela de Camarones (40,000 COP) - Restaurante el Mejor Sabor del Caribe

The coastal regions of Colombia offer a different kind of food that can be a good variation of the usually heavy meals the majority of the Colombian gastronomy has. Seafood is often combined with exotic flavours including coconut. Whenever you visit good coastal Colombian restaurants in Medellin, make sure you order that typical coconut rice from the coast. One of the most popular dishes from that region is Cazuela de Camarones, which is a seafood casserole with coconut milk. This creamy one-pot meal is one of our favourite Colombian seafood dishes. At Restaurante el Mejor Sabor del Caribe, a local eatery in Laureles, they serve a rich version of the Cazuela de Camarones, as it is gratined with Colombian cheese. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Restaurante el Mejor Sabor del Caribe.

Other recommended dishes are: Pescado Frito (50,000 COP). 
Colombian Food Medellin - Cazuela
Cazuela de Camarones (40,000 COP)



6. Típico Frijoles (35,000 COP) - Maru Rico

You can’t leave Medellin until you’ve tried its signature dish, the Bandeje Paisa. Literally translated Platter from Paisa, this heavy meal was designed to make sure the working men had enough calories in their bodies to stand their hard, daily work. This is a typical phenomenon that can be found throughout every gastronomy in the world, except the Colombians maybe overdid it a bit. This calorie bomb is made with grounded beef, Chorizo, Chicharron (deep-fried pork belly), beans, fried egg, avocado and white rice. There are all sorts of variants of this platter and as I personally don’t like the dried, minced meat, I always look for a version without it. One of my favourite versions is the Típico Frijoles at Maru Rico, which is served with Chicharron, Chorizo, Morcilla (blood sausage), beefsteak, fried banana, beans, fried egg and rice. For more Paisa platters, check out our article about the best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin. For more information about this restaurant, check the TopTravelFoods review page of Mauro Rico.

Other recommended dishes: Cazuela Paisa (30,000 COP), Lengua (38,000 COP). 
Colombian Food Medellin - Bandeja Paisa
Típico Frijoles (35,000 COP)
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7. Empanadas (2,100 COP) - Empanadas Boomerang

Empanadas can be seen as the ultimate Colombian street food. These deep-fried, potato-dough, half-moon-shaped snacks can be found everywhere in Medellin as well as the rest of Colombia. But we can imagine that you crave these greasy, savoury pastries every once in a while and we’d like to make sure you get the tastiest ones. In our article about the best Empanadas in Medellin, we give an answer to that question after testing all sorts of shops. One of our favourites is Empanadas Boomerang, a hugely popular place to get empanadas and all sorts of other deep-fried snacks. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Empanadas Boomerang.

Other recommended dishes are: Pastel de Pollo (3,000 COP).
Colombian Food Medellin - Empanada
Empanadas (2,100 COP)


8. Arroz Con Leche (7,000 COP) - La Rivera Manjeres

So far, we did not recommend any Colombian desserts. This place, which is just a shop, serves the best Arroz Con Leche. Arroz Con Leche is a refreshing Colombian rice pudding. Tasty food does not have to be complicated, it just needs to have the right ingredients and la Rivera Manjeres proves this. As it’s located right outside the city, you need to have a car or motorbike to reach it, but in this area, you can find a lot of restaurants that offer a spectacular view of the city of Medellin. So, why not visit one of these restaurants and make a very short stop to stock up some of these tasty desserts. More information can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of La Rivera Manjeres.
Colombian Food Medellin - Arroz Con Leche
Arroz con Leche (7,000 COP)
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Do you want to know more about the Colombian gastronomy? Check out our article about what to eat in Colombia, which is an extensive article that covers the basics of the Colombian cuisine as well as many dishes you should try in each culinary region of Colombia. Ideal for those who are planning to travel around in this beautiful country as well as update your basic knowledge about this diverse gastronomy. Can't get enough of the food in this beautiful city, check out our article about the best restaurants in Medellin.

This article will be updated in the upcoming weeks and many more of the best Colombian food in Medellin will be added soon. In the meantime, check out our free food recommendation app that helps you find the best restaurants in Medellin as well as in Bogota. The app is completely free and helps you decide what to eat by recommending the best dishes and other specialities of (local) restaurants. Especially when you have no (or not enough) knowledge of the local cuisine, the app is a handy tool. 

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