In this article, we cover what we believe are the best burgers in Medellin. It’s very easy to find a burger in Medellin, but finding a good burger in Medellin is quite a challenge. Why do I think that? Compared to other countries, the burger scene in Colombia and so in Medellin as well is much more different. Don’t always expect brioche buns, 80/20 freshly grounded beef patties and cheddar cheese when you order a burger in Medellin. Instead, burgers here are served in a different way, with toppings such as chicharron (pork belly), mozzarella cheese and on sweet buns with all sorts of toppings that you usually don’t find on a traditional burger. Also, you can find many chicken or pork patties, which officially should be called sandwiches, as a real patty to call it a hamburger should be made from beef. With that having in mind, we came up with the following list of best burgers in Medellin, which all taste very good even though they are not always the kind of burgers how they should be made. At the end of the article, we also added the best sandwiches in Medellin, which includes chicken and pork “burgers”. We guarantee that trying one of the recommendations in this article will get you satisfied!


The best burgers in Medellin are:


1. Blue Cheese (27,900 COP) - Chef Burger

With many well-visited branches in Colombian cities, we can fairly say that Chef Burger does something very good when it comes to burgers. In Medellin’s burger scene, Chef Burger always pops up as one of the candidates that serve the best burger in Medellin and during our visits, we were pleasantly amused by their creations. The burger menu is limited, something I personally prefer. A burger should not be too complicated and a handful of variations is more than enough. All the burgers have a 150-gram patty, meaning that the burgers are thick and juicy. You can decide for yourself how well-done you want your burger to be. For me, that’s always medium-rare.

Whenever the patty is thick, I have one personal favourite combination and luckily, that was available on the menu: Blue Cheese (27,900 COP), which is a medium-rare patty with caramelized onions and mushrooms on a potato bun. The blue cheese sauce is served separately so you can adjust it to your preference as blue cheese is for some too strong and dominant. We recommend you order the Papas Rusticas (5,900 COP) with it as a side dish. These were super tasty! The normal fries could be better. Another great option is the La Sailor (29,900 COP). This burger is basically luxurious cheese and bacon burger with caramelized onion and special barbecue sauce. Or check out one of their classic burgers, which really put the emphasis on the juicy patty itself. To conclude, Chef Burger does an amazing job by serving good quality burgers, classic toppings that flavour-wise are flawless. It definitely deserves a high place in this article about the best burgers in Medellin. For more information such as the location, menu and other recommended burgers in Medellin, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Chef Burger.
Best Burgers in Medellin - Chef Burger
Blue Cheese (27,900 COP)
Chef Burger Medellin
Blue Cheese (27,900 COP)
Best Burger in Medellin - Chef Burger
La Sailor (29,900 COP)

2. American Burger Cheese & Bacon (19,900 COP) - Burger Grill Los Bernal

One of the best burgers in Medellin can be found at Burger Grill Los Bernal. Inside a small food court named La Plaza Commercial, you can find this award-winning burger joint that serves a decent variety of tasty burgers. For less than 20,000 COP, you can enjoy a burger with fries including a drink and before we dive deeper into the burger itself, we must say that the fries are tasty too! 

Personally, I prefer eating burgers the classic way, with not too complicated toppings. Instead, traditional toppings such as cheese and bacon are always welcome and therefore I recommend you try their American Burger Cheese & Bacon. All burgers are made from 100% beef and no chemicals or preservatives are added. It’s good to know that they also serve a veggie burger, for those who are looking for a vegetarian burger in Medellin. For more information such as the location, menu and other recommended burgers in Medellin, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Burger Grill Los Bernal
Best Burgers in Medellin - Burger Grill Los Bernal
American Burger Cheese & Bacon (19,900 COP)
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3. Ultimate Doble Burger (33,000 COP) - Pegasus Pig & Burgers

Pegasus Pig & Burgers is a popular restaurant with two branches in Medellin that is specialized in pork, chicken and burgers. If you fancy something greasy, tasty and comforting, Pegasus Pig & Burgers is a great place to satisfy that need. The menu of Pegasus Pig & Burgers is extensive with eighteen pages of their creations. Visitors can choose between fourteen burgers, and when you pay a bit of attention, you will notice that the majority of the guests come here to enjoy their burgers. We recommend you try their Ultimate Doble Burger, which costs 33,000 COP. This burger includes a double 116-gram patty with cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce which is placed on a parmesan bun and finished with crispy chicharron. There is an even bigger burger, which is the Triple Pig, but the problem with that burger is that it’s almost impossible to eat properly because of the size. Big burgers should be wider, not higher in my opinion. For more information such as the location, menu and other recommended burgers in Medellin, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Pegasus Pig & Burgers
Best Burgers in Medellin - Pegasus
Ultimate Doble Burger (33,000 COP)
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The best sandwiches in Medellin

In this section of the article, we recommend you the best sandwiches in Medellin. That means in this case that they are burgers that don’t have beef patties.

Pollo Rostiado (21,900 COP) - La Choripolleria

La Choripolleria is a small restaurant with two branches in Medellin and is specialized in roasted chicken, although they do serve amazing chicharron and homemade chorizo as well. Most hungry customers come to visit this popular place to either try a plate of picada or one of their sandwiches. The sandwiches are either made with chicharron or chicken or are a variation of both. We highly recommend you try their Pollo Rostiado (21,900 COP), which is their speciality. The sandwich is served with decent fries and even better sauces. The sandwich itself is packed with shredded roasted chicken, which is covered in cheese, homemade sauce and BBQ salsa which is all served on a brioche bun. The chicken is really tender and juicy so you can’t go wrong with this sandwich, although there are three other sandwiches on the menu for those who want to try other variations. For more information such as the location, menu and other recommended burgers in Medellin, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of La Choripolleria.
Best Burgers in Medellin - La Choripolleria
Pollo Rostiado (21,900 COP)


Crangburger (26,500 COP - 37,500 COP) - Submarine Express

This article is all about giving you food recommendations and we try our best to come up with awesome restaurants you won't immediately think of. In other words, we don't only recommend the usual suspects. As mentioned in the introduction of this article, a burger should be made with beef. All the other options are called sandwiches. But that does not mean they are not tasty. Did you think of a "burger" patty made from crab meat when you were searching for the best burgers in Medellin? We don't think so. If you want to try something completely different, head over to Submarine Express, which has two branches in Envigado, one in Laureles and one right in Provenza. Submarine Express serves fast (sea)food and for the purpose of this article, we recommend you their Crangburger. This deep-fried crusted crab meat burger comes in two sizes, a regular (26,500 COP) and a double (37,500 COP). It's completely different from the other recommended burgers in this article but definitely worth the try. The "patty" is rich in flavour and we do recommend you go for the double. We do recommend one other tasty option, which is not a burger, but too delicious not to mention: The Langostino. The langoustine meat is served on a sweet bun accompanied with a fresh sauce and topped with some herbs. A regular version costs you 38,000 COP, while the double meat version costs you 70,000 COP. Both recommended dishes are served with fries. 
Crab Burger in Medellin - Submarine Express
Crangburger (26,500 - 37,500 COP)
Submarine Express Medellin
Langostino (38,500 COP - 70,000 COP)
This article will be updated in the upcoming weeks and many more of the best burgers in Medellin will be added soon. In the meantime, check out our free food recommendation app that helps you find the best restaurants in Medellin as well as in Bogota. The app is completely free and helps you decide what to eat by recommending the best dishes and other specialities of (local) restaurants. Especially when you have no (or not enough) knowledge of the local cuisine, the app is a handy tool. 

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