Every now and then we can’t help but crave a juicy burger despite all the Thai food. And if we do want a burger, we want one of the best burgers in Bangkok. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants serving awesome burgers. Here is a list of where to find them and which burgers you should order.  

Update: With the recent closing of four excellent burger restaurants in Bangkok, namely Chef Bar, Bad Burger, Firehouse and Mother Trucker, it was time to update this article about the best burgers in Bangkok. Chef Bar used to be our number one as the burgers that were served by chef Ronald were extraordinary in taste and everything was completely made from scratch. Firehouse was a popular burger joint that served giant, juicy burgers at Sukhumvit Soi 11 and was popular among westerns. Mother Trucker was a hugely popular burger vendor that offered an impressive signature burger from their food truck. And Bad Burger, a popular burger joint that specialized in tasty burgers and a variety of craft beers. Unfortunately, all four closed its doors and that means we have a new number one best burger in Bangkok. We came up with the following list that is according to us, the best burgers in Bangkok 2020. All restaurants deliver their delicious burgers via FoodPanda and Grab. 

Recently closed restaurants: 
- Chef Bar
- Bad Burger
- Firehouse
- Mother Trucker
- Daniel Thaiger

Updated in November 2020.


The best burgers in Bangkok are:


1. Artisan Craft Burgers


Artisan Craft Burger serves the best burgers in Bangkok in my opinion. The restaurant is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11, right next to competitor Daniel Thaiger, who is also listed in this article. What makes Artisan Craft Burger the best burger restaurant in Bangkok is the quality of the ingredients, together with the level of detail of which the burger is prepared. For example, each burger needs to have the exact core temperature before it’s served, maintaining an excellent constancy. One of the owners of Artisan Craft Burger is a Michelin-starred chef and together with the team, they perfected the burgers including the all-time-favourite Signature Artisan Burger (280 THB).

Best Burger in Bangkok

 The best burgers in Bangkok, on the left, is the Tonkatsu Pork Burger (310 THB)

Almost everything is made from scratch, including the pickles as well as the minced beef, that is freshly prepared upstairs. There are six different beef burgers and a few speciality burgers available, including a popular veggie burger as well as a Tonkatsu Pork Burger (310 THB). The beef burgers are served medium-well to make sure that fat that is added for the patties has given all of its flavours (remember: fat equals flavour). The burgers are served on a brioche bun and the juicy patties get a rest for about five minutes to make sure all the juices are kept in the patty before serving. 

If you can’t make a decision what burger you want to try, you can choose the Mini’s (330 THB), which are three different burgers of your choice, but in a bit smaller size. Besides the amazing burgers, Artisan Craft Burger also serves the best fries of all the burger restaurants in this list, served with three of their fifteen homemade sauces of choice. For drinks, visitors can choose between a variety of craft beer that you won’t easily find elsewhere in Bangkok. Artisan Craft Burger is an amazing food experience and therefore is listed as the number one best burgers in Bangkok. More information about this amazing burger restaurant can be found on the
TopTravelFoods review page of Artisan Craft Burger.

Why Artisan Craft Burger: Best burgers in Bangkok, amazing quality, great fries, great sauces. 

Best Burgers Bangkok Artisan Craft Burger

 Signature Artisan Burger (280 THB)


2. Prime Burger

Prime Burger is another relatively new player to the Bangkok burger scene. Started in 2018, Prime Burger successfully set up branches in Phuket, Pattaya and now Bangkok. Prime Burger mainly focusses on the three most important aspects of a burger, namely the patty, the bun and the cheese. The difference in the smash burgers at Prime Burger is all about the toppings. The meat is ground daily and the potato buns are baked fresh each day. Guests can choose between three different sizes, namely a single (1 x 120 gram, 245 THB), a double (2 x 90 gram, 295 THB) and a triple (3 x 90 gram, 395 THB) patty smash burger. And I must admit, the recommended double is large enough for a hungry carnivore like me. 

prime burger bangkok stockholm

 The best smash burger in Bangkok

So what makes Prime Burger so special? First of all, they do smash burgers really well, with a combination of high-quality beef and great caramelization of the patties. Secondly, the buns are amazing! But most importantly, the burgers are so juicy that your hands will be covered in burger juice and sauce. Although Prime Burger slightly more expansive than the other amazing smash burger restaurant in this article, the burger itself is among the largest burgers we’ve tested. And you must take into consideration that the beef quality is amazing! There are nine different burgers available, including a vegetarian burger and the hugely popular San Fransisco Vegan Burger with Beyond Meat. The burgers are not served with sides, which is quite common at burger restaurants in Bangkok. I recommended you to try their Signature Stockholm Burger, which has American Cheese, Pickled Red Onions, Pickled Tomato, Lettuce and Signature Prime Sauce. The burger was perfectly salted, which in my opinion, is something many burger restaurants can't seem to achieve. Other all-time favourites are the New York Burger, the Bangkok Burger and the Paris Burger, all made of excellent beef. More information about this amazing burger restaurant, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Prime Burger.

Why Prime Burger: Amazing smash burgers, high-quality beef, the burgers are large (not in height but in size). Note: Vegetarian and vegan (beyond meat) options available.

prime burger bangkok set

 Burgers, fries and milkshakes, Prime Burger in Bangkok is amazing!


3. 25 Degrees


Voted ‘Best American Burger in Thailand’ three times, this award-winning restaurant serves one of the best burgers in Bangkok. The restaurant, located at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel at Silom, is open 24-hours a day. Their burger menu may be limited but each dish has its own unique taste and the quality is simply outstanding. The restaurant is named 25 Degrees after the temperature difference between a raw and well-done hamburger and that’s exactly what you get: a perfectly-cooked, juicy burger. 25 Degrees serves five different burgers with delicious toppings. Burger Number Two is Italian-influenced and incorporates pesto, roasted tomato and crispy prosciutto, while Burger Number Three has Mexican flavours such as chipotle and avocado topping. A single burger will cost you 330 THB, no sides included. More in-depth information about this popular burger restaurant can be found in our article about 25 Degrees. More general information, such as the opening times, location and other recommended dishes can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of 25 Degrees.

Why 25 Degrees: perfectly cooked patties, sweet buns, interesting toppings.


25 Degrees Burger

Burger Number One (330 THB)


4. Madcow Burger by Toni Santos

Madcow Burger by Toni Santos is a popular burger restaurant located in Asok that started as a food truck. Due to the inconvenience of a food truck in Bangkok, as its nearly impossible to get a good parking spot, the owners finally found the ideal location close to Asok BTS and Soi Cowboy. What makes the burgers at Madcow Burger so good is because of the following reasons.

First of all, one of the owners is specialized in making bread and pastries and with all of his knowledge, Madcow Burger perfected the bun for the type of burger they serve. As many burger restaurants in Bangkok serve a brioche bun, Madcow Burger serves their burgers on a whole wheat bun because according to them, a brioche bun soaks up all the juices and sauces which makes it all soggy.

Secondly, the patty is completely made from home grind grass-fed beef of which specifically the fat is dry-aged. The result is a super juicy burger that requires at least five napkins to wipe off your chin and hands. For the signature burger The MadCow, which comes with a 150-gram patty, they use three different sauces, namely tartare sauce, ketchup and mustard. The burger is topped with bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato. Besides the signature burger, there are five different burgers available on the menu ranging from 150 THB to 350 THB, as well as Mac & Cheese, Steak, Wings and a few side dishes. But for the best burgers in Bangkok, we recommend you to try the signature MadCow Burger (250 THB). More information about this amazing burger restaurant can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of MadCow Burger.

Why Madcow Burger by Toni Santos: Incredibly juicy burger, different sauces on the burger giving it different flavours, an impressive whole wheat bun that's much different than the common brioche bun.

madcow burger bangkok

Signature MadCow Burger (250 THB)


5. Daniel Thaiger


For many years, Daniel Thaiger has been one of the key players in Bangkok’s burger scene. With his famous red food truck, Daniel Thaiger was one of the first to offer the so-called gourmet burger. At the start, he cruised through the city offering a limited menu and let burger fanatics enjoy his creations: premium grilled beef with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and the signature Thaiger sauce. The truck was such a success that he opened a second branch. 

Nowadays, Daniel Thaiger serves three burgers: the Steve, the Thaiger and The Cowboy, which has jalapeño peppers on it, making it the spicy option. The difference between the Steve and the Thaiger is that the Steve Burger comes with crispy bacon. Prices for a Daniel Thaiger burger range from 240-330 THB and guests can choose between pork, wagyu beef or lamb meat. More information, such as the opening times, location and other recommended dishes can be found on the 
TopTravelFoods review page of Daniel Thaiger.

Why Daniel Thaiger: Amazing burgers with excellent ingredients, for example, Wagyu Beef.

Daniel Thaiger is the latest victim of the COVID-crisis. It will close its doors permanently at the end of November 2020. 
Daniel Thaiger

Steve Beef Burger (280 THB)


6. New York Style Steak & Burger


New York Steak & Burger is a popular restaurant if you are craving for some delicious Angus Beef steak or an enormous burger. If you are craving for high-end burgers or amazing steaks, this is the place to go. The restaurant is located in Sukhumvit Soi 22, on the second floor of a building, a five-minute walk from BTS. The menu of New York Steak & Burger is straightforward with fifteen different burgers, tenderloin, strip-loin, rib eye, tomahawk steaks and a handful of other international and Thai dishes. But for the purpose of this article, we solely focus on the burgers.

Their best-seller, the Manhattan Monster (550 THB) is an enormous burger made of 220 grams of imported Australian non-frozen beef and has grilled bacon, cheddar, fried egg, firehouse chilli, fried onion stack, lettuce, homemade pickle, tomato and their signature Russian dressing as a topping. The burger is really juicy and has a chilli con Carne seasoning. The more standard burgers are available with beef, pork, chicken and even salmon and cost around 280 THB. There is one vegetarian burger on the menu as well. More information about this burger restaurant can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of New York Steak & Burger.

Why New York Steak & Burger: high-end quality, monster burgers. 

New york style burger Bangkok

The Manhattan Monster (550 THB)


7. Easy Burger


If you are looking for the best smash burger in Bangkok, you must visit either Prime Burger or Easy Burger. Easy Burger is a small shop located on Sukhumvit Soi 50 in On Nut. The Belgium owner makes his popular burgers completely from scratch including their heavenly brioche bun and own cheese. The menu is straightforward with a variety of six fairly-priced beef burgers and two non-beef burgers, including one veggie burger. But the reason why you should visit Easy Burgers is to try one of their amazing smash burgers. A smash burger is a meatball that is pressed thinly on a sizzling hot plate, which sears the patty completely and gives it a super crispy texture as well as a distinctive, caramelized flavour. My personal favourite is The Big Easy (199 THB), which is a double beef patty with cheese, bacon, jalapeños and delicious special sauce. All burgers can be ordered with French Fries, but in my opinion, the French fries are definitely not as excited as the burgers. More information about this restaurant can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Easy Burger

Why Easy Burger: among the best smash burgers in Bangkok, burger completely made from scratch, one of the cheapest burgers in Bangkok of this quality level. 


Easy Burger Bangkok

The Big Easy (199 THB)


8. Paper Butter & The Burger


Thai national Patrick learned how to grill a proper burger during his stay in Australia, where he enjoyed a typical Australian barbecue with friends every Sunday. This inspired Patrick to open a burger restaurant in Bangkok that replicates this classic Aussie tradition and he found the perfect location in Ari. Paper Butter & The Burger has a nice garden that gives you the remote ambience of the Australian outback, perfect to enjoy a nice burger with an ice-cold beer. Patrick’s philosophy is that a burger should be prepared with simple and honest ingredients and should never cost more than 200 THB. His philosophy has proven to be a success. A well-deserved spot in this list of best burgers in Bangkok. Unfortunately, though, the second branch in Ari had to close because of the loss of customers during COVID, like many restaurants in Bangkok. More information, such as the opening times, location and other recommended dishes can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Paper Butter & The Burger.

Why Paper Butter & The Burger: Awesome barbecue-grilled burgers, value for money.

Paper Butter and the burger
FLTR: Very Cheese Burger (200 THB), Chiang Mai Spicy Burger (180 THB),
Paperbutter Beef Burger (160 THB)


9. Jim's Burger & Beer


Jim’s Burger & Beer is a popular burger restaurant in Bangkok with five branches respectively in Senanikom, Ari, Bamrung Mueang Road, Udom Suk and Charoen Nakorn Road. The menu of Jim’s Burger consists of twelve burgers and a handful of other comfort food options. Like a few other restaurants listed in this article, Jim’s Burger makes their burgers completely from scratch including their own buns, which the difference you can taste immediately. One of the most popular burgers is the Twinhead Dragon Beef Burger (390 THB), which is an enormous double-patty cheeseburger with crispy bacon. The burgers are juicy, well-flavoured and come with either signature fries, onions rings or hash browns. As the name already suggests, Jim’s Burger & Beer also serves a variety of craft beers. More information about this burger restaurant can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Jim's Burger & Beers.

Why Jim’s Burger & Beer: large juicy burgers, homemade buns, variety of signature fries. 

Jim's Burger Bangkok

Twinhead Dragon Beef Burger (390 THB)


10. Billy's Smokehouse


Billy’s Smokehouse is a restaurant located right next to BTS Ploen Chit where you can find several great mid-ranged restaurants. Billy’s Smokehouse is specialized in smoked meats and each morning, all sorts of meat such as pork spare ribs, beef briskets and chicken, get smoked to serve during the day. Besides these smoked meats, the menu also consists of pasta, sandwiches, smoked seafood and of course burgers. The burgers are completely made from scratch, including the buns and the patties are made of Thai Wagyu beef, all grass-fed. The two highly recommended burgers are the Billy’s Burger (360 THB) and the Ensenada Burger (320 THB).

The Billy’s Burger is a California-style double smash burger with white cheddar, caramelized onions and their secret sauce. The Ensenada Burger, which is my personal favourite of the two, is a flame-grilled beef patty with avocado and a spicy molcajete salsa. The reason why this is my personal favourite burger is that the thick patty is nicely juicy and has a distinctive flame grill flavour. The salsa and the burger are salty, however, the creamy avocado balances it nicely. The burgers are served with good quality French fries, which are beautifully crispy. More information about this restaurant can be found on the
TopTravelFoods review page of Billy's Smokehouse.

Note: Billy's Smokehouse is also available on
Foodie Delivery, which delivers everywhere in Bangkok.

Why Billy’s Smokehouse: Delicious flame grill burgers, good fries, homemade buns.

Billy's Firehouse Burger Bangkok

Ensenada Burger (320 THB)


We’ve also visited a few more popular burger restaurants in Bangkok, however, according to us, these restaurants didn’t make the list of best burgers in Bangkok. It’s not our intention to spread negative opinions around these restaurants, however, to make an ultimate list, one must be picky and select the best options. These restaurants are very popular and loyal customers might disagree, but according to us, are not among the best burger restaurants in Bangkok as all burgers listed in this article are simply next-level burgers. The restaurants that didn’t make it are Little Market, Arno’s Burger and Fatty’s, however, can still be found in our the TopTravelFoods app.

There you have it, the names of nine restaurants serving the best burgers in Bangkok along with their most recommended burgers. All these restaurants can be found in our food app called TopTravelFoods. Instead of recommending the best restaurants, we recommend the best food these restaurants have to offer. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is completely free. 

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