Every now and then we can’t help but crave a juicy burger despite all the Thai food. And if we do want a burger, we want one of the best burgers in Bangkok. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants serving awesome burgers. Here is a list of where to find them and which burgers you should order.  

The best burgers in Bangkok are:


1. Chef Bar (CLOSED)

This small restaurant, located close to Asok BTS, is run by Australian chef Roland. What makes this burger restaurant so unique is the fact that everything you’ll get on your plate is homemade, including the ketchup and the bun. Roland also uses extraordinary ingredients to create burgers and flavours that you’ve never tried before. Here’s a glimpse of the unusual ingredients on offer at Chef Bar: coffee stout and treacle glaze lacquered smoked bacon, dry spice-rubbed free-range pork belly and beer marinated and dry-rubbed wagyu brisket.

With all his culinary creativity, chef Roland is constantly inventing new dishes for his menu, which boasts weekly burger specials. However, the Downunder Rosemary Scented Lamb Shoulder Burger and the Signature Robbin’s Island Wagyu are always available and both are incredibly delicious. Since many ingredients are specially imported, the burgers at 
Chef Bar
 has a higher price tag of around 450 THB.

Since 24 January 2020, Chef Bar is closed. It's uncertain if or when the restaurant opens again. 
Best Burgers Bangkok Chef Bar

 Special: Black Angus Trio Burger (480 THB)


2. 25 Degrees

Voted ‘Best American Burger in Thailand’ three times, this award-winning restaurant serves one of the best burgers in Bangkok. The restaurant, located at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel at Silom, is open 24-hours a day. Their burger menu may be limited but each dish has its own unique taste and the quality is outstanding. The restaurant is named 25 Degrees after the temperature difference between a raw and well-done hamburger and that’s exactly what you get: a perfectly-cooked, juicy burger. 25 Degrees serves five different burgers with delicious toppings. Burger Number Two is Italian-influenced and incorporates pesto, roasted tomato and crispy prosciutto, while Burger Number Three has Mexican flavours such as chipotle and avocado topping. A single burger will cost you 330 THB, no sides included. For a complete review, check out our article about 25 Degrees.
25 Degrees Burger

Burger Number One (330 THB)


3. Daniel Thaiger

For many years, Daniel Thaiger has been one of the key players in Bangkok’s burger scene. With his famous red food truck, Daniel Thaiger was one of the first to offer the so-called gourmet burger. At the start, he cruised through the city offering a limited menu and let burger fanatics enjoy his creations: premium grilled beef with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and the signature Thaiger sauce. The truck was such a success that he opened a second branch. 

Nowadays, Daniel Thaiger serves three burgers: the Steve, the Thaiger and The Cowboy, which has jalapeño peppers on it, making it the spicy option. The difference between the Steve and the Thaiger is that the Steve Burger comes with crispy bacon. Prices for a Daniel Thaiger burger range from 240-330 THB and guests can choose between pork, wagyu beef or lamb meat.
Daniel Thaiger

Steve Beef Burger (280 THB)


4. Paper Butter & The Burger

Thai national Patrick learned how to grill a proper burger during his stay in Australia, where he enjoyed a typical Australian barbecue with friends every Sunday. This inspired Patrick to open a burger restaurant in Bangkok that replicates this classic Aussie tradition and he found the perfect location in Ari. Paper Butter & The Burger has a nice garden that gives you the remote ambience of the Australian outback, perfect to enjoy a nice burger with an ice-cold beer. Patrick’s philosophy is that a burger should be prepared with simple and honest ingredients and should never cost more than 200 THB. His philosophy has proven to be a success since the chef has now opened a second branch in Ari. A well-deserved spot in this list of best burgers in Bangkok.
Paper Butter and the burger
FLTR: Very Cheese Burger (200 THB), Chiang Mai Spicy Burger (180 THB),
Paperbutter Beef Burger (160 THB)


5. Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker was one of the first burger food trucks in Bangkok and quickly gained huge popularity. The concept is simple: make just one type of burger but make it so damn good that everyone wants it. The burger features a 150-gram patty built on a homemade bun and topped with arugula, cheese, bacon, a deep-fried onion ring and their signature sauce. You can choose between a beef or pork patty and the best part is that Mother Trucker serves different size burgers: single, double, triple and quadruple. As well as additional patties, you’ll get extra cheese and bacon with the larger options. The single burger costs 200 THB, add 100 THB for each extra size. To find out Mother Trucker’s current location, check their Facebook page.  
Mother Trucker

Single Beef Burger (200 THB)


6. Firehouse (CLOSED)

Firehouse has attracted a loyal customer base for many years with its impressive menu of 20 burgers, so you can safely say the chefs know how to cook a good burger. The burgers are large, cooked to perfection and served with a basket of really good French fries or potato wedges. Since the menu is extensive it can be difficult to choose the right burger, so to make it a bit easier for you to decide, their all-time favourites are the PremiumBurger, the Champion Chili burger and the BaconBlue Burger. If you want to sample a few different options, go for The Sliders, three 60-gram patty burgers served with different dips. Prices vary between 245 - 450 THB.  
Best Burgers in Bangkok Firehouse
BaconBlue Burger (355 THB)

7. Bad Burger


Launched in 2017, Bad Burger is the newest Bangkok burger restaurant on this list of best burgers in Bangkok. Chef Poupee has devised seven different burgers, two of which are vegetarian. The so-called Basic Bitch is their standard burger and comes in three different sizes, from single patty to triple. This classic burger is exactly what you’d expect:  a big, fat, juicy patty covered in molten cheese with a leaf of lettuce and some red onions and pickles, finished with a signature burger sauce. All burgers are big and are served on an amazingly sweet bun. 

If you’re looking for something special, don’t miss the Blue Cheese and the Sidekick Burgers. The Blue Cheese Burger has a mushroom ragout topping with bacon and blue cheese, while the Side Kick Burger has a completely different seasoned patty and is covered in Gruyere cheese. Mouthwatering, right?

Bad Burger Bangkok

Blue Cheese Burger (299 THB)


Tip: Easy Burger at Sukhumvit 50 (On Nut)

Recently, Easy Burger opened up a small shop on Sukhumvit 50 in On Nut, on the exact opposite of Cheap Charlie's. The Belgium owner makes incredibly tasty smash burger from scratch. The bun, the cheese..everything is homemade. Burgers start from 150 THB. For a more detailed review, please read Chowtravellers excellent article: 
Easy Burger - Smashing Great Burgers!

Bad Burger Bangkok

Double Smash Burger at Easy Burger

There you have it, the names of seven restaurants serving the best burgers in Bangkok along with their most recommended burgers. If you are looking for more top dishes and eateries in Bangkok, try out our Food recommendation app now. 


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