When visiting the City of Eternal Spring, one must try the best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin as this typical “Paisa*” dish originated from the Antioquia region. It is not difficult to find Bandeja Paisa in Medellin, as you can simply find it in basically every Colombian restaurant in the city. This article helps you find versions of this dish that either blow your mind when it comes to flavours or does something else extremely well that it is worth the visit. Hopefully, you will enjoy this calorie bomb just as much as we do. With that being said, let’s jump to what we believe are the best Bandeja Paisas in Medellin.

*General speaking: paisa is another word for people from Medellin or when you mention the Antioquia.

The best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin are:


1. Maru Rico

Maru Rico is a local eatery located in Guayabal and is specialized in all sorts of grilled meats. During lunchtime, this place gets completely packed with hungry Colombians and a well-trained team of chefs and waiters make sure that food is served at a fast pace. One of the most popular dishes that is being served here is Típico Frijoles (35,000 COP), which is a slightly different version of a Bandeja Paisa. The difference between Típico Frijoles and Bandeja Paisa is that Típico Frijoles is served with grilled beef instead of dried, minced beef, which is something we really liked. Típico Frijoles can be found at many Colombian restaurants in Medellin, but it’s Maru Rico’s signature dish, so you know you are up for something good.

The Típico Frijoles (35,000 COP) is also served with a large, grilled, chorizo sausage, morcilla (Colombian blood sausage) and chicharron together with beans, steamed rice, a fried egg and a fried banana. Yes, Típico Frijoles is as heavy as a regular Bandeja Paisa so you must visit this place with a large appetite. For those who want to try more typical “paisa” dishes, try their Cazuela Paisa (30,000 COP) as well! Maru Rico is - like many restaurants in this article - listed in our other article about the best Colombian restaurants in Medellin. For more general information, such as the opening times, location, TopTravelFoods’ users' opinions and other recommended dishes, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Maru Rico

Why Maru Rico serves some of the best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin: specializes in grilled meats that brings your Bandeja Paisa to the next level.
Best Bandeja Paisa Medellin - Macu Rico
This "Bandeja Paisa" is served with a large piece of beef, instead of dried, minced beef.
Bandeja Paisa In Medellin - Macu Rico
Típico Frijoles (35,000 COP)

2. La Gloria De Gloria

Listed in our article about the best Chicharron in Medellin, La Gloria De Gloria is an insinuation when it comes to the local Medellin cuisine. La Gloria De Gloria is famous for serving huge platters of typical “paisa” food with the Chicharron as the main attraction. The restaurant is located in Envigado and attracts many hungry customers. In fact, during the weekends, it’s no exception to waiting in line for at least half an hour before you get a table. We recommend you try their Almuerzo Completo (48,000 COP) if you are looking for some of the best Bandeja Pasia in Medellin.

The Almuerzo Completo is basically a full meal for two: the platter is filled with - of course - their huge chicharron, chorizo, fries, minced beef, rice and a fried egg together with a plate of morcilla (Colombian blood sausage) and a red bean-based soup. Especially the huge, crispy chicharron is what makes the Bandeja Paisa so unique. Again, make sure you’re starving if you’re planning to eat all the food from your plate. For more general information, such as the opening times, location, TopTravelFoods’ users' opinions and other recommended dishes, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of La Gloria De Gloria

Why La Gloria De Gloria serves some of the best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin: huge platters of food together with their speciality, the huge, super-crispy chicharron.

Tip: Most local people visit this place during the weekend with their family (four persons and up). If you visit this place as a couple, you have a good chance to skip the line when there is a table for two available. 
Bandeja Paisa In Medellin - Gloria De Gloria
La Gloria De Gloria is specialized in super crispy, huge chicharron!
Bandeja Paisa In Medellin - Gloria De Gloria
Almuerzo Completo (48,000 COP)

This article will be updated in the upcoming weeks and many more of the best Bandeja Paisa in Medellin will be added soon. In the meantime, check out our free food recommendation app that helps you find the best restaurants in Medellin as well as in Bogota. The app is completely free and helps you decide what to eat by recommending the best dishes and other specialities of (local) restaurants. Especially when you have no (or not enough) knowledge of the local cuisine, the app is a handy tool. 

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