Ban U Thong is a popular local restaurant in Ayutthaya serving some of the best seafood in town. It’s located next to the river at U Thong Road, close to the historical park. In several of our articles, we recommend you to visit Ban U Thong as it serves Ayutthaya’s speciality, the big river prawns. But there are other reasons why Ban U Thong is recommended. In this article, I will explain to you why.
Ban U Thong

Ban U Thong is both a restaurant as a hotel, and in this article, I will solely review the restaurant. The restaurant itself is large, with an inside and an outside dining area. The outside dining area is the most popular part of the restaurant, as you have a riverside view with a few small prawn farms and a temple in the background. The restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere as it’s traditionally decorated. Ban U Thong is a place for Thai to have some fine seafood with the whole family. You will notice this by the fact that the restaurant has a few large tables with more than twelve seats. 


Ban U Thong Ayutthaya Front

The front of Ban U Thong in Ayutthaya

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya interior

The outside dining area of Ban U Thong in Ayutthaya

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya riverview

The riverside view on a cloudy day

The menu of Ban U Thong is large, as it consists of twenty pages full of seafood. After several visits to this restaurant, I can assure you the following dishes are highly recommended. The most popular dish there is at Ban U Thong, is the River King Prawn. These enormous prawns are incredibly popular and famous in Ayutthaya’s. I would highly recommend you to try these during your visit to Ayutthaya. But be aware, the River King Prawn comes with a big price tag. Depending on the weight, you usually pay around 350 - 450 THB per piece. The more you order, the less you pay per piece though. For five large prawns, you pay around 1200 THB. The prawns are sliced open, grilled and served with spicy dipping sauce.


Other highly recommended dishes are the Deep-Fried Common Sheet Fish topped with Curry (350 THB) and the Crispy Beetle Leaves and Spicy Salad (150 THB). The red curry is seriously delicious and herby, and together with the fried fish a perfect combination. It’s also possible to order snails instead, which is something that the locals love! The spicy salad is served with a few large prawns, which are delicious, but the most exciting part of the salad are the fried crispy beetle leaves. It has such a unique flavour, which I absolutely love!

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya s

The amazing seafood at Ban U Thong

river prawns ayutthaya

A must-order at Ban U Thong, the King River Prawns. 

Spicy Prawn Salad

Delicious spicy salad with prawns and deep-fried beetle leaves

Squid in Lime Soup

Squid in Lime Soup, also available as Snapper in Lime Soup.

Ban U Thong Seafood

Just look at the seafood! Mouth-watering, right?

The Deep-Fried Common Sheet Fish with Garlic and Pepper is also one of the most-ordered and recommended dishes at Ban U Thong. While other recommendations are mostly covered in curry, this is a simple yet tasty alternative. The fish is crispy fried while the garlic and pepper topping gives the fish a lot of flavours. There is one other dish that I would recommend, and that is the Steamed Squid with Lemon and Lime Spicy Soup (250 THB). Normally, you order this dish with a large snapper, but this is a variation with squid. Inside the squid rings are still the eggs, which give it a slimy texture, which is actually pretty tasty! There is also the option to order a white snapper instead, which costs 390 THB. 

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya Fried Fish

Deep-fried fish covered in Garlic and Pepper

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya Snail Curry

Snail Curry, also available with Fried Fish

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya river prawns

The famous King River Prawns

Ban U Thong Ayutthaya amazing food

Delicious food at Ban U Thong

Overall verdict: Ban U Thong is a great place in Ayutthaya to get some of the best seafood in town with Ayutthaya’s most famous ingredients, such as the King River Prawn. Ban U Thong is not the cheapest restaurant in town, but if you are looking for something extraordinary, it is definitely worth the visit. For similar restaurants, check out our article about the best seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya.

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