Baan Kao Nhom in Ayutthaya is a hugely popular Thai dessert and sweets shop that is located around one kilometre south from the Historical Park, close to the river at Uthong Road. What makes this place so unique is the fact that they serve a wide variety of fairly-priced traditional Thai desserts and snacks. Reason enough to write a detailed review of Baan Kao Nhom

baan kao nhom

Baan Kao Nhom is a small modern and air-conditioned shop with on the right side of the entrance, a large shelve is placed. On this shelve, you will find countless of Thai snacks presented. Visitors can ask for a wooden basket and pick any Thai snack they want and place it in the basket. When checking out, you have the possibility to eat the Thai snacks at Baan Kao Nhom or just take them home to eat them later. As it is such a popular place, Baan Kao Nhom can be a little bit chaotic and there is a self-service policy. Here are some of the highly recommend Thai snacks they serve at Baan Kao Nhom:

baan kao nhom ayutthaya front

The front of Baan Kao Nhom in Ayutthaya


baan kao nhom ayutthaya interior

Inside Baan Kao Nhom it can be busy in the afternoon
One of my favourite Thai desserts I tried at Baan Kao Nhom was the Dara Thong. This is an egg yolk based Thai dessert with a hint of jasmine fragrance. It’s mostly sweet and you won’t really taste the egg yolk, but it’s light and oh-so-delicious. Another amazing sweet you should try at Baan Kao Nhom is the Chor-Muang, which is a steamed dumpling with a sweet filling. One of the cool things about these Thai desserts is that some of them originate from the second Rama of Siam, the beginning of the nineteenth century. Other recommended Thai desserts at Baan Kao Nhom are Luk Chub, Tong Lord and Pudding Taro with Coconut Milk. The prices of these desserts vary between 25 THB to 60 THB per portion. 

baan kao nhom ayutthaya dara thong

My personal favourite, Dara Thong

baan kao nhom ayutthaya Chor-Muang

Chor-Muang, steamed dumplings with a sweet filling

baan kao nhom ayutthaya

From left to right: Luk Chub, Pudding Taro with Coconut Milk Tong Lord

baan kao nhom ayutthaya sweets

The shelve where you can find all the delicious local Thai desserts

Besides the local Thai desserts in the front of the shop, it is also possible to order larger, restaurant-specific Thai desserts at Baan Kao Nhom. The menu consists of twelve different desserts and a few pages full of smoothies, teas, coffee and even milk. The following three desserts are highly recommended at Baan Kao Nhom:

The Honey Passion Fruit (95 THB) is a refreshing large scoop of ice cream covered in passion fruit juice and served with passion fruit and mint. The ice cream is deliciously fresh. Another great option is the Butterfly Pea Ice Cream with Thong-Muan (95 THB). The ice cream is obviously made of Butterly Pea but has a strong hint of vanilla flavour. The ice cream is served with edible leaves and Thai Crispy Rolls, similar to American Pirouline. If your appetite is larger, then I suggest ordering the Bolan Ice Cream (135 THB). Three scoops of coconut ice cream, covered in syrup, coconut flakes and peanuts, all served on a sweet bun. 


baan kao nhom ayutthaya passion fruit ice cream

Honey Passion Fruit (95 THB)


Butterfly Ice Cream

Butterfly Ice Cream with Thong-Muan (95 THB)


baan kao nhom ayutthaya bolan ice cream

Bolan Ice Cream (135 THB)

baan kao nhom ayutthaya ice cream

Delicious ice cream at Baan Kao Nhom in Ayutthaya

Overall verdict: Baan Kao Nhom is a unique place in Ayutthaya to get some delicious Thai desserts on the spot or on the go. Especially the local desserts from the shelve are highly recommended as it’s a great way to try things out for a fair price. If you are looking for something more refreshing, I would suggest choosing the ice cream from the menu. Keep in mind that Baan Kao Nhom is a busy place in the afternoon. Opening times are 08:00 - 18:00 (Tuesday - Friday) and 09:00 - 19:00 (Saturday and Sunday. Baan Kao Nhom is closed on Monday. 

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