Ayutthaya Retreat is both a restaurant as a hotel in Ayutthaya. In this article, we only review the restaurant and not the hotel. During our visit to Ayutthaya in search of the best food the city has to offer, we came across this magnificent gem. In this article, we tell you about what makes Ayutthaya Retreat so special and what its most recommending food is.

Ayutthaya Retreat Restaurant

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Ayutthaya Retreat is located around one and a half kilometre West from the Historical Park, away from the habited world. What makes Ayutthaya Retreat so unique is the fact that they build these wooden structures around a pond. These wooden structures give you the feeling that you are in a completely different world, somewhere exotic in the middle of nature. Some of these structures are townhouses, while other structures function as terraces. On multiple levels, guest can sit and enjoy the view and the food. In case you really want to relax, there are hammocks and lazy chairs available. 


Ayutthaya Retreat

The beautiful surrounding of Ayutthaya Retreat

Ayutthaya Retreat Hammock

There are hammocks available


Ayutthaya Retreat atmosphere 1


Ayutthaya Retreat atmosphere 2

The menu of Ayutthaya Retreat is limited as the restaurant mostly focusses on cakes, pies and drinks. However, there are a few Thai classic dishes available. One menu page is solely dedicated to fried rice and I would highly recommend the following two fried rice dishes. The Fried Rice with Chilli and Dry Fish (180 THB) is a nicely presented and a nicely spiced fried rice with tom yum flavour. The fish is carved, deep-fried and then dried, making it extra crispy. The other highly recommended fried rice is the Fried Rice with Mackerel Fish (150 THB). It’s served with a spicy dipping sauce and fried tofu. What makes this fried rice so delicious, is that there are chunks of mackerel in the fried rice as well, giving it the fried rice that mackerel flavour. 

Ayutthaya Retreat Fried Rice

In front: Fried Rice with Chilli and Dry Fish (180 THB)

Ayutthaya Retreat Fried Mackerel

Fried Rice with Mackerel Fish (150 THB)

As said, Ayutthaya Retreat focusses more on cakes, pies and drinks. With a beautiful environment like that, with all these wooden structures around the pond, it’s understandable. Just drink one of their ice-cold alcohol-free cocktails, a cup of coffee and enjoy one of their signature cakes. The most popular homemade cake they serve is the Coconut Fresh Cake (100 THB). This is a light and airy coconut-based cake. But personally, I think their Blueberry Cheese Pie (100 THB) is even better. The crust on this pie is so delicious!

Ayutthaya Retreat Coconut Cake

Coconut Fresh Cake (100 THB)

Ayutthaya Retreat Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Cheese Pie (100 THB)

For drinks, check out their Salt-Caramel An-Chun Say Mai (95 THB). This alcohol-free cocktail is topped with Ayutthaya’s famous cotton sugar.

Ayutthaya Retreat Caramel Drink

Salt-Caramel An-Chun Say Mai (95 THB)

Ayutthaya Retreat Cocktails

Their alcohol-free cocktails are delicious and refreshing

Overall verdict: Ayutthaya Retreat is a restaurant that’s one of kind. The food is great and the atmosphere even better. Unfortunately, Ayutthaya Retreat does not have an extensive menu, however, it’s definitely worth the visit to check out their fried rice. Still, I believe that the best reason to visit Ayutthaya Retreat is to get an ice-cold alcohol-free cocktail with one of their delicious pie while enjoying the impressive atmosphere. 



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