Every now and then you just want to stuff yourself with huge amounts of food. Don’t worry, everybody has that craving! Luckily, in Bangkok, you can easily find plenty of buffets that can satisfy your cravings. However, finding one that costs less than 300 baht can be a bit more challenging. To help you out, here are nine All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Bangkok under 300 Baht.


1. Best Beef

Popular restaurant Best Beef is located at On Nut and is always packed from the minute it opens, which is five o’clock in the afternoon. Due to its popularity, you always have to wait for a table. Luckily nowadays they have a great ticketing system. For two hours, you can eat all sorts of beef and pork slices as well as teriyaki chicken and many seafood options such as shrimp, squid and scallops. The buffet costs 269 THB per person. You can also order unlimited soda (329 THB) and unlimited soda and beer (439 THB). Recently, Best Beef opened a second branch at Srinakarin (not to be confused with the train market).

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popular local barbecue restaurant.

Best Beef Buffet

All-you-can-eat buffet at Best Beef (269 THB)


2. Kosirae

Kosirae is a hugely popular Korean BBQ restaurant located close to Thong Lo BTS Station. Similar to Best Beef, you always have to wait for a table due to the restaurant’s popularity. For 299 THB you can feast on as much grilled pork as you can eat for one and a half hours. Wrap up the succulent meat in lettuce leaves, add some sauce and kimchi and dig in. It’s not possible to dine alone, as Kosirae demands a minimum of two people per barbecue. Groups larger than four can enjoy the barbecue for two hours instead of one and a half.

Kosirae Buffet

Kosirae Buffet (299 THB)

Kosirae Side Dishes

Side dishes at Kosirae


3. Choichoi Chicken (CLOSED)

This restaurant is not that well known as it’s tucked away on the second floor of Habito Mall but the Korean BBQ Buffet they offer is definitely worth mentioning. For only 279 THB you can eat as much as you want for two hours and choose between three different types of pork (Gochujang Bulgogi, Korean BBQ, Kimchi Bulgogi) and unlimited Korean Chicken Wings. Like all other Korean BBQ’s, the side dishes are free as well. I do have to mention that Choichoi Chicken does not use a barbecue with hot coals for their Korean BBQ, but an electric grill. The other pork options, Gochujang and Kimchi Bulgogi, are prepared in the kitchen. Nonetheless, the food is still very tasty!

Choichoi Chicken All You Can Eat

Korean BBQ + Unlimited Chicken Wings at Choichoi Chicken (279 THB)


4. Sway Urban Eatery

Want to gorge on some of Bangkok’s best Chicken Wings? At Sway Urban Eatery you can enjoy unlimited amounts of their famous wings on Thursday and Sunday for only 300 THB. Before you can dig in, you have to choose which of the 52(!) flavours you want to try. Each round, you can order two different flavours and you’ll get ten wings in total. One of the most recommended flavours is the Honey Balsamic, but we’re sure that there are many other incredible options to try.

All you can eat wing in Bangkok

All-you-can-eat wings at Sway (300 THB on Thursday and Sunday ONLY)


5. The River Buffet

Looking for an authentic Thai barbecue buffet with a nice river view and live music? Try  The River Buffet, which is located right next to the Phra Pin Klao. You can choose between two different types of barbecue: Mookata (219) and Mookata with Seafood Grill (269 THB). Now, don’t expect Western standards when it comes to hygiene and be aware that you have to catch your own river prawns. However, if that doesn’t bother you, I can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing experience. I mean, it’s popular among locals for a reason!

The River Buffet Mookata

The River Buffet Mookata only (219 THB)

The River Buffet Seafood

The River Buffet Mookata including Seafood Grill (269 THB)


6. Kogi Jip

Opened in November 2017, Kogi Jip is a relatively new Korean Barbecue Buffet Restaurant. It’s located at the corner of Sukhumvit 71, close to Phra Khanong BTS Station. The multi-floor restaurant had some initial problems when it came to service but nowadays it’s always packed with happy customers. For 299 THB you can enjoy the Pork Buffet for one and a half hours, including three different marinated pork options and all sorts of side dishes such as kimbap, kimchi, bu chim gae and a lovely potato salad.

Kogi Jip

Pork Buffet at Kogi Jip (299 THB based on weight)


7. Dong Dae Moon

This Korean BBQ Restaurant is located close to Khao San Road, making it a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike, so make sure you arrive on time. For 290 THB you can eat unlimited grilled pork belly including all sorts of side dishes. Don’t expect any fancy dining at Dong Dae Moon but it sure satisfies your hunger. Like all Korean BBQ Buffets, side dishes include lettuce, kimchi, kimbap and some tasty dipping sauces. 

Dong Dae Moon

Pork Buffet at Dong Dae Moonn (290 THB)


8. Wings Factory

Another popular All-You-Can-Eat wings restaurant that serves four different flavours: original, hot and spicy, shoyu and cheese. Wings Factory is located right next to Ratchatewi BTS Stations and for 279 THB you can eat as much as you like. As well as flavours, guests can also choose between chicken wings and chicken breasts. The buffet includes gyoza, French fries and a few side dishes.

Wing Factory All-You-Can-Eat

All-You-Can-Eat Chicken Wings at Wings Factory (279 THB)


9. Mapo Galbi

Mapo Galbi is located close to Phra Khanong BTS, similar to Kogi Jip. It’s well-known among locals for its 299 THB Pork Buffet. Guests can choose between five different types of pork, of which three are marinated. In the centre of the restaurants, you can pick your sides. The portions of meat are pretty large and will be cut into smaller pieces by the staff once they’re almost done. There’s also a slot on the barbecue where staff can add egg. When the pork is nicely grilled, you can scoop some cooked egg into the lettuce leaves as well to enjoy this really tasty combination.

Mapo Galbi

Pork Buffet at Mapo Galbi (299 THB)


There you have it. A list of nine all-you-can-eat restaurants in Bangkok under 300 THB. Have you tried any of these buffets? Please review the dishes you’ve tried in our TopTravelFoods app and find more delicious dishes in Bangkok with our TopTravelFoods app.


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