SS1254372 Cafe is a small art cafe in Chiang Mai which serves some incredibly looking and great tasting food. This unique cafe is located Nimmana Haeminda Soi 17, next to Art Gallery Seespace. A visit to SS1254372 Cafe is one of the coolest food experiences in Chiang Mai, thanks to its art setting. Reason enough to write a detailed review about this place.

SS1254372 Cafe is a beautiful decorated cafe surrounded by art. The cafe is small with five tables available inside. The outdoor area is a bit larger where you have a view on some of the artworks. The staff is incredibly friendly and the service is prompt. SS1254372 Cafe serves good tasting coffee, making it also a popular place for Thai to get some caffeine and get some work done. But what’s the most important thing, is that SS1254372 Cafe serves amazing food too. The menu of SS1254372 Cafe consists of twelve pages full with amazing looking dishes. Because of this, it’s quite difficult to make a decision. SS1254372 Cafe mainly focusses on breakfast and lunch. The kitchen closes at three o’clock in the afternoon, however, the cafe is open until five o’clock in the afternoon. Here are the most recommended dishes at SS1254372 Cafe.


SS1254372 Cafe front

The front of SS1254372 in Chiang Mai

SS1254372 Cafe interior

The indoor seats at SS1254372 Cafe

SS1254372 Cafe Outdoor

The outdoor seats at SS1254372 Cafe

SS1254372 Cafe Food

Look at this amazing looking food!

One of the most-ordered dishes is the Chicken Avo (195 THB). This is a juicy grilled chicken breast fillet on top of a toasted whole wheat bread served with avocado, fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes and salsa sauce. Not only does this popular taste amazing, but it also looks amazing too. Another highly recommended meal is the signature SS Benedict (145 THB). This is a stack of toasted whole wheat bread with a poached egg, mushrooms, edible flours, grilled veggies served with a homemade hollandaise sauce.

SS1254372 Cafe Chicken Avocado

Chicken Avo (195 THB)

SS1254372 Cafe SS Benedict

SS Benedict (145 THB)

For a more light breakfast or lunch option, I would recommend the Fruity French Toast (185 THB). This is a cinnamon-infused whole wheat bread topped with seasonal fresh tropical fruits, toasted almond slices and drizzled in maple syrup. For a more healthy meal, I would recommend you to try the Mussamun Beef Sandwich (195 THB). Based on grandma’s recipe, the curry is served with toasted whole wheat bread and comes with poached egg and cherry tomatoes. 

SS1254372 Cafe French Toast

Fruity French Toast(185 THB)

SS1254372 Cafe Mussaman

Mussaman Beef Sandwich (195 THB)

Overall verdict: SS1254372 Cafe is a unique cafe that serves tasty, amazing looking food made from fresh and honest ingredients. As the kitchen is only open until three o’clock in the afternoon, SS1254372 Cafe is only suitable for breakfast and lunch. SS1254372 Cafe is open from 08:00 - 17:00 and is closed on Monday. 


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