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In every country and on every continent, food plays a big role in people’s lives. It provides a reason to gather, connect and share – experiences that enrich our lives every day. And one of the most beautiful things about food is that every country carries its own flavor.

That’s why travel and food go hand in hand, and at TopTravelFoods, we believe the best way to connect with new places and new people is over a delicious local meal. We put time, effort and passion into creating an easy way for travellers like you to find these culinary gems.
So What Is TopTravelFoods?
Put simply, TopTravelFoods is a food review platform that was created by food lovers, for food lovers. We focus on “what to order” rather than “where to go” – putting the emphasis on top-quality dishes for the benefit of your entire travel experience. That’s what makes us different; while other apps just show you where to go with restaurant reviews based on location, atmosphere and lack of English, we put the food first and show you the best dishes to try in your area. Never get stuck wondering what to order again!

So, why did we choose to do this? As every traveller knows, one of the most common problems of going to a new country is facing a lack of knowledge about the local cuisine. Travellers often don’t know what to order and are stuck wondering which dishes they should try. With so many unknown food options, how do you know which one is the most delicious or recommended?

There can be so many strange, foreign food choices that you’re tempted to just stick with something familiar instead of experimenting with the unknown– which is a huge mistake! Being shy on trying new foods can leave an empty space in your travel experience – and your stomach. We strongly believe that enjoying a variety of delicious local food is a major part of the traveling experience and one that shouldn’t be missed.
That’s why we created TopTravelFoods.
Food Lovers’
First Choice
Our app puts food above all else, connecting you with delicious must try dishes. We focus on top quality food making us the first choice for true food lovers. Never wonder “what should I order” again!
Enrich Your Whole Travel Experience
Uncover delicious foreign meals you’d never think of trying, create authentic travel memories and bring stories back to your friends. Being able to enjoy tasty local food has an amazing impact on your entire travel experience!
Only Top Quality Dishes
We’re committed to showing you only the top quality dishes in your area. That’s why we work hard to ensure every listing deserves to be there – no spam, no fraud, no paid endorsements. Just the best food, found easily!
Mindful Of Your Budget
We give you precise budgetfriendly search options, making it easier than ever to find a delicious dish within your budget. Active users can also enjoy promotional deals and discounts as a ‘thank you’ from us!
How It All Began
We began as 2 school friends who shared a passion for food and travel. Two backpacking trips helped spark the idea of starting TopTravelFoods. On the first trip, we travelled to Indonesia eager to experience the new culture and scenery. However, we arrived without a clue what to eat – a huge mistake, since we loved food just as much as travelling! Unsure what to order, we just stuck to dishes we were familiar with. After coming home, we realized that missing out on some of the best local food left an empty space in the whole experience.

On our next trip to Thailand, we were more proactive, spending hours and hours doing research into the best Thai dishes and where to find them. This made a huge difference in our entire experience of the food and culture! But the time consuming research was a bummer…

We asked ourselves, ‘how has no one made an easier way to find local food, fast and easy’? There was a needed service here for travelling food lovers’ that wasn’t being met.

Well…if no one was going to do, we would!
We hope you enjoy using TopTravelFoods as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.
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